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Work and family always get in the way. The boys are taking an informal hiatus but will be posting occasional episodes over the next few months. We'll aim to be back in business in the spring.

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Literary feuds, aging pro-wrestler memoirs, Labatt Blue, Henry James' classic story "The Middle Years," wondering if we've done enough with our lives ... it's just another day at WITTScast HQ. Come join us.

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Philip Roth! To Jon's delight, the boys spend the bulk of this episode ruminating on the style, method, and subject matter of Philip Roth, using the opening of The Human Stain as the springboard for the conversation. They also offer a quick update about their writing, revision, and submission process.

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Brian's got a new coffee shop across town, Ben's got heavy equipment next door, and Jon's got the path to enlightenment right down the street. Despite the distractions, the guys are writing, submitting, and, in this episode, discussing Memory Blake Peebles' "The Sugar Bowl."

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It may be the end of summer, but the WITTScasters aren't letting the dog days get them down. Brian is writing, Jon is revising, and Ben is submitting. One of them is even going back to school, which leads to a debate about the role of formal education in a writer's life. But first, the boys turn their attention--if not their powers of pronunciation--to Jodi Angel's story "Centrifugal Force."

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Pour a glass of fine scotch and sit back while the boys tackle the peaty stench of inspiration, titles, dictionaries, flash fiction, and more. Then they turn to a lively discussion of that writer's writer's writer Lydia Davis, and selections from her collected stories.

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It's been a hell of a summer in WITTSville, and the guys are still trying to get their shit together. Brian is now a husband, Ben is now a landowner, and Jon is now a father. Amid all the turmoil, they find time to discuss wedding-crashing moose, single-malt free-for-alls, Paris author readings, newborn semaphore, and--better late than never--Edith Pearlman's "Wait and See."

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Ben, Brian, and Jon didn't get to the story they'd planned this week. But it's fine, it's fine -- instead, they set aside some time to talk about all the big, new milestones in their lives right now, including becoming a father, owning a home, getting married, seeing the world... and assessing all art through the prism of the Barenaked Ladies.

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Get an attic. Buy your wife a loom. Marry a spicy Canadian. Recycle. Communicate about your depression. Leading up to Brian's wedding, the guys turn to literature to see what fiction has to say about how to be a good husband. Because only trouble is interesting (as Janet Burroway said in her book on writing fiction), good husbands are hard to find in great literature. But the boys find some solace in Bret Lott's essay "On Posterity."

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It's summertime! Time to plan our vacation reading and, in Jon's case, figure out what books are best to read to a newborn. In Episode 78, the guys talk summer reading, infant language development, World War II history, and cat leashes. Then they get blown away by Charles Baxter's "The Next Building I Plan to Bomb."

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